Any small business with a valid purchase order from the Government. We support all small businesses including start-ups.

We will assist you to secure all the resources you need to fulfil your purchase order obligations, connect you to funders as well as project management of the end-end PO process to final delivery of goods.

As a first step, we need the copy of the purchase order and supplier quotes to assess how we can assist.  The second step will be the completion of our application form together with the necessary documentation;

  • Company registration document
  • Tax clearance
  • Certified ID Copy of the director (s)
  • Proof of residence of the director(s)
  • Next of kin details

It generally takes between 3-5 days for finalisation of the application.

After verifying supply, we will make an EFT payment to the supplier. We will be communicating with you and the supplier regarding delivery of the goods.

We assist in all aspects of the purchase order as outlined above. Our service is delivered through a joint venture agreement with you, as well as mutual agreement on how the PO profit will be shared. We do acknowledge that we may compete with purchase order funders but our operating model is positioned differently.

Our business is purely Purchase Order support services and we can only assist if you have a purchase order from the Government.

We process payments immediately once the invoice is paid and the transfer will occur within 24 hours from invoice payment.